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Jennifer Tear
Jennifer Tear
Vice President Communications & Public Affairs
Johnson & Johnson

As a seasoned strategic communications professional with global experience, Jenny is passionate about opportunities to forge relationships and shape stakeholder opinion that delivers corporate, social and employee benefit. It is this passion that drives Jenny in her role as Vice President, Communication & Public Affairs for Janssen in Asia Pacific – a region characterised by significant unmet medical need. 

Appointed to the role in 2010 and now based in Singapore, Jenny is responsible for external  affairs, issues management and employee engagement for the pharmaceutical companies of  Johnson & Johnson in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and  Taiwan.  

As a member of both the Janssen Asia Pacific and Global Communication and Public Affairs  Leadership Teams, she leads major campaigns in support of medicine access, corporate  reputation and engagement across the Johnson & Johnson enterprise. 

Before joining Janssen in 2005, Jenny gained considerable experience in government affairs,  media relations, issues management and internal communications in senior consulting, in house and government positions in Australia and the United Kingdom.