PRWeek’s first PRWeek Connect conference will be taking place virtually on the 13th April and will be the brand’s first truly global event. Join us as we cover the challenges and topics faced by the PR and comms industry across four key regions. 

The day will start with the PRWeek team in Asia Pacific, moving onto the Middle East, Europe and ending the day in the US, connecting the brightest leaders in comms from all over the world. Guests can tune in and and learn from our expert speakers live on the day or view the content on-demand for three months after the event.


In 2020, the industry adapted and changed how we worked together and internally. We learnt to do more with less. New partnerships developed and we mastered digital at an accelerated pace. We proved that global business can be managed without crossing borders and creativity thrives through adversity. We gave a platform to the issues that matter, making sure DEI is at the top of the business agenda.
Now, we are operating with more agility, with more consideration and although distant, we are closer than ever.

The end of 2020 does not mark the end of this crisis, but it’s the moment of reflection, the “2020 is finally over” sentiment we are all feeling. And most importantly, it’s the opportunity to reset. To start the new year with new goals and with hope for the future of media, marketing and advertising.

Campaign Connect 2.0 kick-starts the conversation on what happens next.

Gideon Spanier

UK Editor-in-chief


We will be tackling issues facing comms professionals worldwide, from successful diversity and inclusion, to meaningful employee engagement and creating and communicating a strong purpose. We will be celebrating creativity and resilience amidst the pandemic and exploring the opportunities for the industry for 2021 and beyond. 



New York


Incisive questioning: 

We believe that the key to a great conference is not just great speakers (that’s a given), but great interviewers. Moderators who know the difficult questions that really need asking and are not afraid to put them to our panellists and keynote speakers. With our senior editors in Asia, US and UK all taking part in this event, Connect brings you not just the best speakers, but the experts perfectly positioned to interview them with laser-sharpness.

Global excellence:

Connect provides a rare opportunity to learn from and celebrate great advertising and brand case studies from a variety of global markets. We bring you the very best debate into the state of our industry from three separate continents.


 Your ticket goes further with Connect, allowing you to tune in and and learn from our expert speakers whenever suits you over the course of three months.


Everything depends on creativity

Creativity is the lifeblood of our industry. The brilliant ideas and work to come out of this crisis have been outstanding and should be celebrated. This theme looks at the new ideas and innovations that are proving the value and importance of creative industries.

What will be the strategic role of creativity in 2021? How can brands tune into the new consumer behavioural shifts and innovate in the future? What can we learn from different markets and industries around the world? How can we continue to do more with less and empower people through creativity?

Creativity cannot be replaced. It is a talent, a skill and a mindset, and creative people will always be essential in every industry.

Operating in the new business landscape in 2021

These are charged times. The crisis has heightened global tensions and exposed social and economic inequalities and divisions. This will only continue, as lockdowns damage economies and geopolitical tensions, elections and Brexit dominate headlines.

At an industry-level, discussions around agency models and the role of media resurface, while businesses strengthen leadership to prepare for recovery and overhaul non-sustainable practices to lower carbon footprint. 2021 will be a year of big change.

This theme brings in out-of-industry perspectives from economists, academia and politics, to explore the outlook for the industry in 2021. What can we learn when we step outside the advertising echo chamber? We also explore progressive leadership, the role of agencies, the growth of global tech giants and how talent has changed forever.

Diversity, equity and inclusion as an industry priority

For businesses and brands, there has been a propensity to take a stance and speak out about the anti-racism movements around the world, while business leaders double-down on policies and look at how they can do better. Diversity, equity and inclusion needs to be more than a tick-box exercise, a hollow statement or campaign. We can pledge for change, we can create more purposeful and representative work, we can say we’ll do better but there needs to be more action and accountability. Is the media we put out – the creativity and the ideas – representing real people or falling into stereotyping tropes? Could we be doing more to create inclusive and understanding environments to attract diverse talent into the industry? Is our approach to working culture and recruitment equitable and our policies clear? This theme answers all of these questions and more.

Redefining marketing effectiveness and value

Marketing effectiveness and efficiency are at the top of every brand and client agenda in 2020, as spend is increasingly scrutinised and every dollar and pound counts. Meanwhile, consumer demand for ethical data practices and privacy safeguards have left marketers, publishers and agencies grappling with what the cookie-less future will truly mean. The clock is ticking, and with no established model, business agility, new tech and new partnerships will be essential.

This theme explores the shift in marketing investment in recent months, creative and marketing effectiveness, industry readiness for the cookie-less future and the increasing emphasis on privacy and trust.