At a time of uncertainty, we have the responsibility to navigate challenges, particularly in markets as volatile and diverse as those in Asia. But as every day now throws new challenges to test our resilience, there are often more questions than answers. We have no rules of engagement. So, at this time of crisis, where do we find clarity and is there opportunity? How do we anticipate the changes in consumers’ needs, effectively leverage technology, be present and transform into businesses and brands with authenticity and purpose?

As Asian markets like China begin to get back to business, we are already seeing just how different the region’s consumers and their behaviours may look on the other side of this crisis. With so much change on the horizon, many of you have asked us for a platform — one that brings the industry together so we can stand united in this fight and emerge stronger and fitter. We hope the conversation on Campaign Connect will help you to prepare so that when the time comes, you can act with agility and speed, and are well-placed to capitalise on the opportunities to win in the new world.

Atifa Silk

Group director 
Campaign Asia

Gideon Spanier

Campaign UK

The UK and most other major European markets have been badly hit by coronavirus and it is essential to focus on rebuilding growth because the recovery is going to take time. Some of the changes that we are making to our working life and travel have been surprising and unexpected but other shifts, towards ecommerce, streaming and digital consumption, were already happening before the crisis and are accelerating now.

Collaboration and sharing ideas and best practice are vital in this new, uncertain era, which is why the global ambition of Campaign Connect is so exciting. By learning from each other and from other markets around the world, we are going to find fresh purpose and growth.

The last month has been rough for advertising and marketing – and the world at large. But seeing adland evolve and come together through these tumultuous weeks has been amazing. We’ve seen agencies and brands in the U.S. become even more innovative and creative amid these challenges. 

Campaign Connect is a global virtual experience that will help unify and inspire the industry by bringing everyone together to discuss work, obstacles, what to expect next and more. I can’t wait to hear insights from incredible marketing and agency professionals around the world.”

Lindsay Stein

Campaign US



Campaign Connect is a one-day virtual festival, bringing the live event to global audiences from Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the rest of the world. Campaign Connect invites a VIP audience of C-suite executives and senior marketers from the world’s top brands, along with professionals and practitioners from across the marketing and advertising ecosystem. Campaign Connect puts your brand in front of all of the key decision-makers in marcomms that you’re keen to talk to, breaking through geographical restrictions amid Covid-19.

Rebecca Carles

SVP, global network sales - UK & US [email protected]

Gareth Scott

Commercial director - APAC [email protected]


Georgia Atwal

Conference Producer - UK & US [email protected]

Eleanor Hawkins

Head of Events Content - APAC [email protected]

Alison Weissbrot

US Editor [email protected]